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Vladimír Štuka

My name is Vladimír Štuka and I am a personal fitness trainer. I have been involved in sports and exercise in gym since childhood (hockey, football, cycling and hockeyball) so due these experiences with many diferent types of exercises I can help you with many problems.

Thanks to my own experience with weightlifting, strength training, classical exercises, group exercises, or exercising on balance and hanging aids, I can offer you: individual fitness training, gaining muscle mass, functional training, reducing subcutaneous fat, but also a healthy fitness workout for you who have interested in keeping fit, or stretch body after work.

I am still working on my knowledge and skills. I regularly attend various trainings and workshops and am reading the necessary literature.

I am a certified Personal fitness trainer and Bodybuilding trainer.


I offer to my clients comprehensive services to fulfill their dreams and goals.

I work with each client individually. During the first visit I perform a general diagnosis and determine the health status and possibilities of the client so that I know exactly how to work with client together to achieve the desired goal.

• Individual training based on personal diagnosis and client needs
• Exercise in fitness
• Training focused on dynamics, strength development, help with muscle imbalance
• Diagnostics of locomotive apparatus
• Muscle building
• Weight loss
• Conditioning training for adults and children
• Individual training plans
• Circuit training, tabata (

One guaranteed tutorial for all? This certainly doesn't apply !!!
I devote to each client absolutely individually and I also prepare every training for each client.
Every training is tailor-made according to the possibilities and needs of the client! I also regularly change these trainings to avoid stagnation and you still enjoy your trainings.

Individual approach to each client
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The Internet is full of “proven advice”. I will spare you bad trials and errors.
With me you will go on a direct path to success! I will help you fulfill your dreams and goals!

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I won't let you make mistakes and ruin your body with bad workout. I will always show you each exercise, tell you how to practice it correctly and I will follow you whole training and correct you in case of mistakes.
I have long experience and my work brings measurable results!

I believe in what I do!
Why cooperate with me?

I always go to trainings on time and positively tuned.
Keeping the agreed dates is a big priority for me.
I expect the same from my clients.

I adhere to the agreed training dates

With each client I try to agree a term that will suit him perfectly. Do you want to walk early in the morning or later in the evening? No problem. I will try to adapt to your diary.

I'm adaptable

I try to work on my skills and knowledge all the time. I regularly attend various seminars and workshops.
I will choose the right exercises for you and adjust them according to your needs! Try one lesson and find out you don't want to anything else!

Long-term practice and regular self-education
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It is an interview about your goals and about our cooperation.
Finding out your options and your health.

First consultation
Training for one person

500 Kč
4 500 Kč
8 000 Kč

1 lesson
10 lessons
20 lessons

(450 Kč/lesson)

(400 Kč/lesson)

Training for two people

1 lesson
10 lessons
20 lessons

750 Kč
7 000 Kč
13 000 Kč

(700 Kč/lesson)

(650 Kč/lesson)

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Compilation of complex plans

Training plan

500 - 2 000 Kč


60 minutes
30 minutes

(diet, supplementation, training)

500 Kč
300 Kč

1 hour 100 Kč

Circuit Training

Registration here

(also accept Multisport card/ ActivePass card)

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I train in Fitness Star.

Adress: Vojtíškova 1783/2 Praha 4 Chodov 148 00


Vladimír Štuka - Personal trainer 

U Rybníků I 13
Ohrobec 252 45
IČ: 06441475
📞 +420 774 031 919


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